There's too much hot air in here!

We are finishing up design for a family room addition and kitchen renovation for a duplex here in Del Ray.  The City of Alexandria requires a design for the HVAC system when submitting for the permit and the addition is only going to add a net 150 s.f. to the house, so our plan was to replace the HVAC system with a better performing one and keep the same size.  We found during this process that this house has a very common problem many homes share.  The HVAC system is oversized. In this case...the existing heating system is about 200% the size it should be.  The existing furnace is 60,000 btu's and the design calculations we performed indicate it should be 30,000 btu's.

My side of the bed is cold - It's about the comfort!

I received a call from one of our customers a few weeks ago.  She said her side of the bed was cold and she doesn't want to live thru another winter with it being cold. 

Del Ray homeowner reduces energy usage by 35%

I just completed an analysis of a recent retrofit we performed in Del Ray. The homeowners are tracking on a 35% savings year over year as a result of the energy improvements we installed in the home. We determined the actual savings by comparing cooling degree (CDD) days year over year to the number of kilowatt hours (kWh) consumed year over year.

Our initial Energy Audit concluded the home could use the following improvements:

1) Air seal.
2) Increase attic insulation to R-50.
3) Replace return air duct system and seal existing ducts.
4) Enclose and insulate crawlspace/basement.
5) Install air source heat pump (minimum 8.5 HSPF/15 SEER).

The homeowners chose to perform the first 2 items as they were the improvements returning the best bang for the buck.

When "green" means green !$!$!

Green means many different things to many different people. In homes, the goal is to create a healthier, more comfortable home through energy efficiency and conserving resources. I refer to this as smart building. The lowest common denominator in a smart approach to your home is directing your resources toward those modifications and remediation efforts that pay for themselves!