Del Ray homeowner reduces energy usage by 35%

I just completed an analysis of a recent retrofit we performed in Del Ray. The homeowners are tracking on a 35% savings year over year as a result of the energy improvements we installed in the home. We determined the actual savings by comparing cooling degree (CDD) days year over year to the number of kilowatt hours (kWh) consumed year over year.

Our initial Energy Audit concluded the home could use the following improvements:

1) Air seal.
2) Increase attic insulation to R-50.
3) Replace return air duct system and seal existing ducts.
4) Enclose and insulate crawlspace/basement.
5) Install air source heat pump (minimum 8.5 HSPF/15 SEER).

The homeowners chose to perform the first 2 items as they were the improvements returning the best bang for the buck.

After completing the air sealing and additional insulation, we retested the home and found we decreased the air leakage in the home by approximately 24%. The combination of the air leakage reduction with the increased insulation results in the total energy usage reduction of approximately 35%.

The homeowners plan to further improve the comfort and efficiency of their home in the years to come and we look forward to assisting them.


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